Blaine House was the former home of Charles Turner Blaine and his wife Minnie Ashe and constructed between 1908-1910.  To finance the cost of this house Charles Blaine saved $1.00 per day for seven years from his salary as a mail carrier.  In addition to being a mail carrier, Charles was also a successful entrepreneur.  He established the first 5 and 10 cent store in Macon County, and operated it for nine years in the old Kelly Building on West Main St.  He also opened and ran a restaurant in one of the Trotter buildings, and has long been remembered for the hot dogs he served.  After he closed the restaurant, he opened the first seed and plant store in Franklin, and ran this business until his death in 1945.  This was home to the Blaine family until it sold in 1926 to his daughter, Mildred and son-in-law.  Mildred resided in the home until it sold in 1995 to the current owners.




There is additional history on the home in the Heritage of Macon County Historical Society, Volume I  & II.  After restoring it to its original state, the Blaine House opened offering accommodations in October 1995.

The Blaine House as it was in 1911

The Blaine House photo taken in 1911

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Blaine House Suites and Cottage

661 Harrison Ave. Franklin, NC 28734




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